Andrew Young

"My set of Cannonball big bell series Soprano,Alto and Tenor silver saxes are quite simply the best horns I've ever played! These horns are even and powerful and especially rich in the lower register and I'm grateful for how incredibly blessed I am to own these wonderful instruments" ~ Andrew Young

Internationally acclaimed saxophonist from the United Kingdom.


Born in Liverpool, England, I started my musical training at the age of 8, with Clarinet and Saxophone lessons, but like most other lads my age, I would have rather have been playing football!

Time spent in front of the goal-posts was as crucial as time spent practicing my music and even after leaving school, I was still torn between a career in football or music... Fortunately, I made the right choice!

After completing my Saxophone and Clarinet studies in London, I moved to Germany to pursue a desire for a broader and more eclectic involvement in all genres of music. I had the honour of performing as soloist with various Symphony Orchestras and engaged in session work and concerts alongside Pop/Jazz/Funk luminaries such as Matt Bianco and Precious Wilson Band.

The invitation to perform in South Africa whirled an engulfing wave of success with the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and newly formed 5 piece Jazz/Funk/Fusion Band "Let It Flow."

I soon became involved in the crosscurrents of South African and International music, meeting and being invited to perform with artists such as Joseph Shabalala (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Jonathan Butler, Shakatak, Shirley Bassey, James Gallway as well as American R+B artist Keith Washington and a Tour of Austria with Dionne Warwick.

This culminated in the release of my debut album "Soul People" , a synergy of forces with BMG and top producer Dennis East. The album topped the South African charts twice and was nominated five times for the South African Music Awards, paving the way for a pivital point in my career- The chance meeting of an old friend and agent from my formative years in London.

What initiated as an invitation to perform at the opening of a Ski Resort in St.Christoph, Austria, evolved into a 4 month tour of Hot Summer Night concerts in Amphitheatres along the South coast of Turkey every year from 1997 till 2007. This lead the way to performances with leading Turkish Artists such as Sezen Aksu in Ankara and recordings with Producer Garo Mafyan in Istanbul. With the success of the album I recorded exclusively for the company entitled Magic Life, the tour was extended to Tunisia and Greece, with CD sales attaining Gold status.

Another highlight was an invitation to play in Mexico, Venezuela, St.Maarten , Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands and especially Havana , Cuba, where the band and myself shared in the captivating and energetic Cuban rythyms. It was here that I had the honour of meeting and performing with Ramiro de la Cuesta from the 70s Funk band The Crusaders.

This year, 2008, welcomes my tenth tour of the Peoples Republic of China, an honoured invitation extended and facilitated by the Uniart Success Company based in Beijing.

Mesmerizing Scenes as the esteemed "Prince of the Saxophone" (Beijing Daily News) have etched great delight and fulfillment for me... The Chinese were enthralled with live performances of both my music and Chinese Pop/Folk songs played on the saxophone, not to mention my brave attempt at Chinese greetings and salutations!

It is also with a deep sense of gratitude that I reflect upon the extraordinary experiences of live T.V. and Radio broadcasts of my concerts to millions of Chinese people; Photo shoots on The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City; Visits to the Shaolin Temple and the enriching opportunity to share my experiences with so many young Chinese students at various schools and University seminars and workshops......Xie Xie!

Performances from Europe to Africa, the Far East to the Carribean, have opened a gateway to unparalled opportunities I never thought possible during those early days spent practicing my scales!

From day to day, I hope to be inspired and to inspire the many great musicians, friends and listeners who journey with me and enrich all my experiences along the way.

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