Dor Assaraf

"When I was first introduced to the cannonball saxophone, the first thing I said to myself it's just wow. The deep sound , the rapid response, the Altissimo comes out easily without any effort. And of course its warm powerful sound. The combination of the saxophone with the fat neck was perfect. The only thing left for me to do at that moment was to choose a color, and walk out the door with a new cannonball saxophone beside me." ~ Dor Assaraf


Dor Assaraf is an Israeli saxophonist, 31 year old, who has already toured the world with several great jewish music artists. He is one of the best saxophone players in the country, and you can hear his unique sound in many jewish music albums.

In August 2015 he released his first instrumental album, called AGADELCHA, an excellent album of Jewish music, contemporary arrangements. The album received amazing reactions in Israel and abroad.

Together with his band, he performs all over the world in Jewish communities and world music festivals.

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