Edwin Sepulveda

"The first time I played The Big Bell Stone Series Alto I became very impressed by the enormous sound cooming out of this marvelous horn.Since then I have integrated to my arsenal, becoming my principal instrument in presentations around the World. Its ergonomic fingering design makes it easy to flow in all the scale, maintaining a remarkable consistency of sound and intonation trough all the instrument.This horn has a great combination of beauty,warmness that truly represents the great caliber of its craftmanship. Big Bell, Big Sound, Awsome Beauty!" ~ Edwin Sepulveda


Edwin Sepulveda is known by his distinctive sound on the saxophone creating a worshipful dimension in His concerts were people enjoy Peace and Love. For over 21 years He has traveled to over40 countries sharing his music with Humankind. He has participated in over 80 recordings as a saxophonist and producer. Edwin has produced 4 as a solist.

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