"If You Want Me To Stay" Sly & the Family Stone (Cover) ft. Keith Anderson

The Cannonball Band performs their cover of "If You Want Me to Stay" by Sly and the Family Stone, featuring Keith Anderson and Winston Byrd.

Arranged by Sheryl Laukat (CEO)
Keith Anderson - tenor sax (solo)
Winston Byrd - trumpet (solo)
Tevis Laukat (President) - tenor sax
Randal Clark - alto sax
Ryan Lillywhite - baritone sax
Ryan Laukat - trumpet
Howard Summers - trumpet
Joel Stevenett - drums
Alex Rowe - bass
Melanie Shore - keyboards (solo)
Kenji Aihara - guitar (solo)

Recorded on the Cannonball Stage at The Villa in Sandy, Utah.

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