Island Gal' - Elan Trotman & The Cannonball Band

Elan Trotman brought his new song "Island Gal" and his curved soprano sax to perform with The Cannonball Band. Sit back and enjoy the island breeze as you listen to this Reggaeton tune!

Elan Trotman - curved soprano GSC5-SB
Randal Clark - alto AVR-L Vintage Reborn
Ryan Lillywhite - tenor T5-BS
Tevis Laukat - baritone B5- B Ice B The Raven

Rhythm Section:
Joel Stevenett - drums
Kenji Aihara - guitar
Matt Larson - bass
Kurt Reeder - piano

Recorded on the Cannonball Stage at The Villa in Sandy, Utah, USA

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