James Cheeks- Mo’Horns


Other Members:

Theljon Allen- Trumpet
Marvin Thompson- Trombone

Mo’Horns started in 1991 when Marvin Thompson and James Cheeks first met on a live recording during John P. Kee's VIP Convention in Washington, D. C. Many musical engagements followed as Marvin and James collaborated with renowned musical director Steve Lawrence. After creating horn arrangements for several artists and multi-media outlets, Marvin and James formed what is now Mo’Horns. The band consists of members, Marvin Thompson (trombone), James Cheeks (saxophones), and Theljon Allen (trumpet). Mo'Horns are voting members of the Recording Academy (Grammys), and also appear on several Grammy nominated and winning projects.

Mo’Horns recently appeared on TV One's Urban Honors Awards 2020. Their next latest project is a feature film entitled, “The High Note”, starring Tracey Ell as Ross. Mo’Horns recently collaborated with Beltway Horns on an upcoming album due for release in 2020. Other Mo’Horns performances include The Tonight Show (Jay Leno) and the Dave Letterman Show. Performance venues include the renowned John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Blues Alley (Washington, D. C.), Madison Square Garden, The Royal Albert Hall (London, England). Tokyo, Japan, Billboard and more.

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