Nathan Woodward

"Like most sax players, I felt like I knew what the ‘top of the line’ horn should be. After picking up a Cannonball, the entire game has changed for me. These horns can outperform any of the horns I’ve ever played. Period. Cannonball is the only horn I trust to keep up with my schedule and be ready to play night after night." ~ Nathan Woodward


A young, newcomer to the genre, Nathan is an artist that doesn’t waste a single note. His concerts pack an emotional punch and technical precision that continually dazzles. Traveling on average 51 weekends a year, Nathan has already become a name in some circles as a crossover Gospel, Smooth Jazz, and R&B artist. His career has already included work with clients such as the American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, MGM Resorts, Chick-fil-A, and numerous others. “Versatility” is what many have come to appreciate about Nathan. Whether in a small theater or large church, he continues to shine. With over a decade of traveling across the United States and around the world, Nathan’s improvisational jazz style and passionate melodies will encourage the heart and stir the soul.

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