Dr. Ray Smith

"I have been playing the Cannonball soprano and baritone saxophones for several years and I love 'em; but I have not been quick to change over on the alto and tenor. The new Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series definitely put me over the edge, and I'm very excited to say that I am now playing the whole set of Cannonballs. If you have not tried the Stone Series Cannonball, you have got to give it a chance. Don't do anything rash until you do, because it is going to blow you away. There are a number of good horns out there, but the Stone Series is really something special. I've never played a horn that was so resonant. It has a robust, rich sound that vibrates like crazy. The response is good from bottom to top, but the altissimo is especially impressive. As one who finds himself in the recording environment frequently, I particularly appreciate the excellent intonation of this instrument. Less important to me, but cool: the instruments are really attractive and come in a variety of finishes. Every horn comes with two necks. Try different finishes and different necks. The versatility of the horns is valuable to me as someone who needs a horn that does jazz and classical equally well.
I have been impressed with the innovative developments at Cannonball as I have watched them hone the instruments over a number of years, and their tireless efforts to make the best saxophone ever made are yielding amazing results. Bravo, Cannonball!!" ~ Dr. Ray Smith

Professor of Saxophone Brigham Young University

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