Seungho Song


- Graduate of Seoul Institute of the Arts
- Former member of Naval Public Relations Agency
* Live Sessions including Singer Jung Yeop, Kim Gun-mo, BMK, Bum-soo Kim, Ok Joo-hyun, Lee Ji-hoon, Lee Han-chul, Bulldog Mansion and others.
* Film (Movie): Ode to My Father, LOVE LIES
* Recording: Musical - Boys Over Flowers, Musical - One Day
- Singer Sung Si-kyung Christmas Album
- Actor Yoo Joon-sang's J&joy20 album Brass composition and session
- Recording session : Singer Ukulele picnic, favorite band, bulldogman, etc.
* Broadcasting : An immortal masterpiece, An open concert, Space empathy, Yoo Hee-yeol's sketchbook, concert 7080, etc.
* Musical session : Find Kim Jong-wook, Bonnie and Clyde, Priscilla, All Shootup, Love, Real Hero
- Seoul Jazz Festival (2015, 2016, 2017)
- JARA Island Jazz Festival in Korea (2016, 2017)
- Green plugged Festival
- Fuji Rock Festival, Japan
- Bangkok Festival, Thailand
- Wormex, Finland
- Mondial Festival, Canada
- Trans Musical Festival of France
- Lincoln Center of America
- Jisan Rock Festival in Korea, etc.
Current member of Jazz Park Big Band, Nst and Soul Source

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