Silver Plated Keys
Classic Bell and Barrel

Silver Plated Keys
Fjord Bell and Barrel
Veloce Professional Bb Clarinet
Available in Silver Plated Keys. Each Veloce Professional Bb Clarinet comes standard with a Grenadilla Classic Style Bell and Barrel set for a traditional response and tone, and a Cocobolo Fjord Style Bell and Barrel set for a lighter tone and response.
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Grenadilla Wood
All of our pro clarinets come with Grenadilla bodies imported from Tanzania and dried and cured for 5 to 7 years.

Two Bells and Barrels
Each pro clarinet comes with two barrels and two bells that offer varying responses and tone, from light and quick to dark with slightly more resistance.

Hand Customized Barrel & Body Reaming
We have found over the years that it is essential that the bore is to our exacting specifications, therefore, we have designed special reamers to ensure exactness in our custom Cannonball bore design.

Register Key
Unique and Ergonomic, the Cannonball custom register key gives a comfortable feel for any thumb placement.

Veloce Professional Bb Clarinet Features

  • Custom designed, ergonomic Arezzo register key
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Custom Arezzo bore design
  • Blued-Steel Springs for balanced key suspension
  • Adjustable thumb rest with strap ring
  • Premium, Custom Arezzo case that holds two barrels and two bells
  • Grenadilla wood Classic-style Bell and Barrel set
  • Cocobolo Fjord-style Bell and Barrel set
  • Stainless-steel, tapered pivot screws
  • Stainless-steel rods
  • Acoustically customized by a professional

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Medium-Large Bore: .459" (11.66mm)

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