Vasilis Xenopoulos

"After almost 15 years of playing with my beloved Selmer, I felt I had to change into something that would cover the needs and demands of a modern jazz/contemporary player. The only (and best) description I could give about how I felt when I tried my Stone Series Cannonball, is that it made my old horn sound as if I was playing in mono mode. The depth of the sound and the ability of maintaining the tone quality regardless of the amount of blowing, are characteristics I was looking for a long time in a horn and thanks to Cannonball, I found them!" ~ Vasilis Xenopoulos


Saxophonist and composer, Vasilis is a young star of the London Jazz scene. Originally trained at the infamous Berklee College in Boston MA, after having lived in the capital for eight years, he's a highly in demand musician with over 270 performances a year. He's worked with the cream of U.K's jazz scene, featuring names as Ray Gelato Jim Mullen, Martin Shaw, Steve Waterman, Bruce Adams, Eddie Harvey, Tony Kinsey, Tim Whitehead, David Cliff and many other. He leads his own band called Vasilis and the Xtet, and their debut album is called "Loud City".

Vasilis has appeared at "The London Jazz Festival", Ronnie's Scotts, British Jazz Foundation Festival, Ealing Jazz Festival, The Bulls Head, The 100 Club, The Spice Of Life and a variety of jazz venues around Europe and the UK.

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